Gods, Guns, and Herrings: Narrative devices 101

It’s been a busy month. Christmas, New Year, assignments, exams, and my 21st birthday. This hectic period seems to have been bursting at the seams with stories to be told, seen, hear, read, and shared. Christmas of course is a time for stories of all kinds, while New Year celebrations include those of the past and the future, and similarly with birthdays too. Even exam and essay season has horror stories about dreadful exams, and tales of 5am library stints before early morning deadlines (the proudest moment in my academic career yet). With all this going on I figured I’d write about something comprehensive to the world of narrative. I landed on narrative devices, which as the name suggests are found in all forms of storytelling. The following three features are a couple of most common ones. There are of course many, many more but hopefully you’ll find these few pretty cool.

Bender shut up

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